The Winemaker


Dionisis Chronopoulos, a civil engineer, met his wife in Italy and together they explored the wines of Florence and Tuscany, where he had a taste of his second love. And as it is often the case with love, he let go of his well-organised career that kept him grounded, for a journey that starts from the roots of the vine, deep in the soil, goes up on the surface rolling in the brown-green veins of the vine and, after a complex journey, ends up conquering the hearts and minds of the people who are simply drinking from a glass.


Getting to know the red wines of Northern Italy was the reason for his return to his Arcadian roots, which he had never given up on. In the “polyampelos hora” as Homer named Mantineia, the PDO Greek variety of Moschofilero reaps laurels, where the purity of nature competes with the clarity of the golden-green wine, where grandfather Chronopoulos planted a vineyard to make his wine, Dionisis set up a modern winery.


Dionisis had no viticultural or winemaking background. However, he was inspired by the philosophy of wine and an experienced mentor. The great agronomist Alekos Alexopoulos, who deeply knew wine and vineyards. With a lot of struggle, reading, learning, perseverance and patience, Dionisis set up Fteri Vinum Winery. The end result validates and justifies his efforts.