Our Winery


In front of a young vineyard and with absolute respect for the natural environment of Fteri, we built Fteri Vinum Winery, which consists of two main buildings. The first is a reception and tasting area, built from stone, just above the old fashioned wine press of grandfather Chronopoulos, which was built in 1924 and has been fully preserved and restored. Grandpa’s old vineyard had been abandoned. Setting up and planting the new vineyard symbolises a new beginning, in the modern era.

The second one is an industrial building, with a necessary basement. This is a production area specifically designed for the intake of the grapes from the harvest, with all the equipment required for the crushing of the fruit, the smooth transition to must and the wine later on. Crusher destemmer, mechanical press, stainless steel tanks with cooling jackets for fermentation of white and rosé wines, and a cooling system for red wine vinification. A bottling system completes the equipment. The process as a whole is carried out based on the food safety and hygiene standards required by law.


Our underground cellar is a naturally cool place with a constant level of humidity and temperature used for storing bottles. It is decorated with wood to match perfectly the oak barrels, in which red wine rests. Here, the wine is in its natural place, quiet and dark. Red wine rests in stable conditions in oak barrels. The wine evolves naturally and matures wrapped in the aroma of oak wood. Visitors will be introduced to the process of vinification and maturation.