The Golden Ratio and the Rule of Proportions, as combined in the Vitruvian Man, constitute the cornerstone of the aromas and flavours of TAK. TAK is the key to unlock the soul of Dionisis, but also of those who taste the wines of Fteri Vinum.
This particular merlot is dedicated to Dionisis’ son. The TAK has all the momentum one needs to go forward, even if he needs to change everything.

TAK has a ruby color and clarity that mirrors the frozen atmosphere prevailing in Mantineia during the winter. It has a strong character, a distinct firmness and a deep soul. The first glance and the first sip gives the idea of what is about to follow.

TAK has hints of red cherry and forest fruit aromas, perfectly balanced with the aroma of oak, stemming from the wooden barrels where the wine matured for 18 months, following its vinification. Hints of vanilla, plum and spice alongside soft tannins came together perfectly in each bottle, where the wine has rested for 8 additional months.

TAK suits all sauces, even white ones. It pairs harmoniously with meat and the flavour of cheese, especially butter-based ones.